Stargazers Vineyard and Winery: Our Environment Episode 4

Find out more about the Vineyard and the history behind the name Stargazers

Southeastern Pennsylvania is home to a number of picturesque wineries, and Stargazers in Coatesville can be counted among them. But the vineyard and winery also stands out for the unique environmental example made by its owners.

Stargazers’ owners and operators, John and Alice Weygant, use energy-efficient methods to make their wine. And those sustainable methods carry over to their home with solar panels, cisterns that recycle rainwater, and highly efficient building design. In this episode of Our Environment, I left the studios of 1370am Pottstown and spent time with the Weygants in their winery and in their home, finding out how sustainable living can be easy, economical, and even profitable.

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It’s Not Mean To Be Green! Our Environment Episode 3

There are so many “green” buzzwords out there that most people use without thinking twice. The word “green” is a perfect example. But how easy is it to explain environmental terms like “green” and “recycle” to young kids? Local author and poet, Jamie Kleman, took on that task with her book, It’s Not Mean To Be Green. And she later wrote the lyrics for a musical based on her book. I talked to Jamie Kleman about her book and the musical at WPAZ ‘s studio in Pottstown, PA. Listen to the interview along with music from the original cast recording of It’s Not Mean To Be Green. To find out more about how to organize a production of It’s Not Mean To Be Green or for information about upcoming events related to the show and Jamie Kleman, visit The Bigger Boat Foundation.

Our Environment Episode 2 Mosaic Community Land Trust part 2

Listen here to part 2 of my interview with Katy Jackson of the Mosaic Community Land Trust. Mosaic’s approach to community revitalization starts with promoting responsible homeownership and pride in the Pottstown community. In this second half Mrs. Jackson told me about the development of Pottstown’s first community garden.

Our Environment is a weekly program on WPAZ radio, playing at 12:30pm every Friday.

For pictures of Mosaic’s work, take a look at their video on YouTube.

Our Environment Episode 2 part1: Mosaic Community Land Trust

This episode of Our Environment features Katy Jackson. A founding member of the Mosaic Community Land Trust in Pottstown. A Community Land Trust is a model for promoting affordable homeownership, stabilizing blighted neighborhoods and improving local economies. Mrs. Jackson sat down with me at WPAZ to talk about how Mosaic aims to use this model to improve Pottstown. Listen here to the first part of our interview and take a listen to part 2 to find out what Mosaic is up to now.

Our Environment Episode 1 part 2: Sustainable Solutions Corporation

WPAZ radio has a new 15 minute Eco-focused show called Our Environment.  In this episode, find out how your home or business can operate more efficiently. Sustainable Solutions Corporation founder Tad Radzinski talked with me at WPAZ studios in Pottstown about how his company helps people get on track environmentally and economically, for the greater good. This is part 2 of the interview. In the tri-county area, tune to channel 1370Am on Fridays at 12:30pm or stream broadcasts online at Click the player below to hear the second part of my interview with Tad.