Our Environment Episode 2 Mosaic Community Land Trust part 2

Listen here to part 2 of my interview with Katy Jackson of the Mosaic Community Land Trust. Mosaic’s approach to community revitalization starts with promoting responsible homeownership and pride in the Pottstown community. In this second half Mrs. Jackson told me about the development of Pottstown’s first community garden.

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For pictures of Mosaic’s work, take a look at their video on YouTube.


Our Environment Episode 2 part1: Mosaic Community Land Trust

This episode of Our Environment features Katy Jackson. A founding member of the Mosaic Community Land Trust in Pottstown. A Community Land Trust is a model for promoting affordable homeownership, stabilizing blighted neighborhoods and improving local economies. Mrs. Jackson sat down with me at WPAZ to talk about how Mosaic aims to use this model to improve Pottstown. Listen here to the first part of our interview and take a listen to part 2 to find out what Mosaic is up to now.