My Roots (Resume/CV)

Heather McClain
Public radio journalist/producer focused on local stories & sustainability

January 2012-March 2015
I’ve been the digital/social media strategist, assistant producer and board operator for the 90.5 WESA live call-in talk show “Essential Pittsburgh” since the daily program began in 2012. I’m skilled at identifying quality live guests, sound gathering, audio editing, managing radio and digital features. And I’m especially interested in sharing the stories of fellow Pittsburghers as the region evolves, with a focus on urban sustainability, technological innovation and social justice.

University of Pittsburgh 2005, B.A. Rhetoric & Communication

Digital & Production Experience
Adobe Audition Editing Software
ProTools Editing Software
NPR Core Publisher
ENCO Broadcast Automation
Google Drive Project Management
Google Analytics
Strategic Use of Social Media to Build & Engage Followers

Other Work History

May 2011-January 2012
As host and features reporter/producer at WBZH Community Radio in Pottstown, PA my work included writing copy and hosting a 15 minute midday news program.
I was also host/producer of “Our Environment,” a series of features that highlighted sustainable businesses in the Pottstown, PA area.

April 2010-January 2012
Freelance Production Assistant for “Growing A Greener World,” a PBS TV program focused on organic gardening, green living and farm-to-table cooking
I researched & pre-interviewed potential guests — such as the experts and wildlife enthusiasts in this episode on native species gardening in Austin, TX.
I managed travel schedules for the show hosts & filming crew.
I also assisted the camera crew in the field while shooting in Washington D.C. & at Rodale Institute, the home of organic gardening research in America.

April 2011-July 2011
Volunteer Production Assistant for “You Bet Your Garden,” WHYY’s nationally syndicated organic gardening call-in radio show.
I organized and researched listener gardening questions received by email and voicemail.
Then I used that research to line up the best range of call-in questions for air.
I edited an author interview about the gardens of America’s Founding Fathers.
Visit the Spring 2011 part of the YBYG archive page for more episodes I helped produce.

March 2009-November 2011
I was a garden center associate for Mainline Gardens in Malvern, PA. In addition to coordinating bulk orders of mulch and stone, the position often required me to identify plants and troubleshoot garden problems.

November 2009-April 2010
Public Relations Intern for 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show
My work included twitter & facebook promotion for the PA Horticultural Society, writing press releases to promote the Flower Show, participant profiles for the Flower Show blog, and coordinating the Flower Show’s annual Window Decorating Contest for Philadelphia businesses.
I also wrote & voiced “stops” on the Flower Show’s cell phone audio tour.

August 2008-October 2009
My first public radio experience was as a volunteer general assignment reporter & features producer for 90.1 WRTI, a jazz & classical music NPR station at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I quickly moved from General assignment reporting, to hosting and producing a weekly series titled “News and Views.” I addressed the environmental impact of local ski resorts & home energy audits.

February 2007-June 2008
I coordinated VITAC closed caption updates for the “Early Show” and “Evening News with Katie Couric,” and was on-call for the “Weekend Evening News.”
The majority of my work included background research on guests using LexisNexis and ENPS software. I was also required to gather b-roll for teases, promos, and features, using MediaManager and the extensive CBS news video archive system.
On occasion, I produced satellite interviews, voice overs, and teases for the “CBS Weekend Evening News.” I answered viewer phone calls for the “Evening News with Katie Couric,” which often required the ability to listen and tactfully respond to their questions and comments when possible.
During awards season I managed the gathering of applications & retrieval of video samples for roughly 30 people at the “Evening News with Katie Couric.”
I also produced the doctor’s office interviews in this story about HPV vaccination for boys and provided background research for the final story.

January 2005-April 2005
I spent my last semester of college in the United Kingdom and interned for the broadcast news intermediary, Global Radio News.
GRN is basically a news media management service that connects freelance journalists in remote areas of the world to news outlets such as ABC news, CBS radio and various BBC stations. I kept track of GRN’s freelance journalists by checking in and coordinating travel schedules, asking about breaking news coverage & staying on top of developing stories.

Organizations & Community Involvement
American Women in Radio & TV Inc.
National Association of Black Journalists
Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Certified PA Horticultural Society Tree Tender
Certified PA Master Composter (yes, that’s a thing)


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