Stargazers Vineyard and Winery: Our Environment Episode 4

Find out more about the Vineyard and the history behind the name Stargazers

Southeastern Pennsylvania is home to a number of picturesque wineries, and Stargazers in Coatesville can be counted among them. But the vineyard and winery also stands out for the unique environmental example made by its owners.

Stargazers’ owners and operators, John and Alice Weygant, use energy-efficient methods to make their wine. And those sustainable methods carry over to their home with solar panels, cisterns that recycle rainwater, and highly efficient building design. In this episode of Our Environment, I left the studios of 1370am Pottstown and spent time with the Weygants in their winery and in their home, finding out how sustainable living can be easy, economical, and even profitable.

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The passion of the vine

I’ve been growing passion-flower (Passiflora) since the beginning of last summer.  Or should I say, I planted the seeds last summer and now I’m finding that some of the seeds are still sprouting.  I planted maybe 8 seeds in a big planter and really didn’t expect much because I’d heard they were hard to grow.  I left the planter outside, through last summer’s unusual driving rain and sunless days. After a few weeks, around the time I expected to see seedlings, all of the rain mixed with the soil and congealed into clear gelatinous globs.  I had a planter full of damp soil and jelly, until about two months later, when the first seedling popped up.

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