Stargazers Vineyard and Winery: Our Environment Episode 4

Find out more about the Vineyard and the history behind the name Stargazers

Southeastern Pennsylvania is home to a number of picturesque wineries, and Stargazers in Coatesville can be counted among them. But the vineyard and winery also stands out for the unique environmental example made by its owners.

Stargazers’ owners and operators, John and Alice Weygant, use energy-efficient methods to make their wine. And those sustainable methods carry over to their home with solar panels, cisterns that recycle rainwater, and highly efficient building design. In this episode of Our Environment, I left the studios of 1370am Pottstown and spent time with the Weygants in their winery and in their home, finding out how sustainable living can be easy, economical, and even profitable.

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Snow day! Having a cat is great, having good neighbors is even better.

First off, to my friends in NYC who apparently saw only a dusting of snow in the last day, I’m both amazed at the difference and totally envious.  Usually the weather in PA is not far off from the NY metro area.  But believe me when I say my area to the south-west of Philadelphia had snow up to my upper thighs and hips!

I woke up Saturday with no plan to even set foot outside until Sunday.  I made breakfast and watched the Magnificent Seven on TMC (it’s very well done for an old western/Japanese knock-off).  Later I planned to start growing my tomato seeds. But when the snow stopped around 1pm I couldn’t help but notice all the neighbors starting to shovel.  Continue reading