Pittsburgh: A New Home A New Career–Grow Where U R Transplanted

This blog started with posts that focused on my gardening hobby and somehow transitioned into my passion for public radio and sustainability. Now after weeks without posting, I have good news along with a sweet little story that combines my love of flowers and public radio.

I left the Philadelphia area a month and a half ago and moved to Pittsburgh with the thought that I needed to build a career in a city. And I decided Pittsburgh was the place because I not only know Pittsburgh better than I know Philly, but I also really love the people. One of my friends from Pitt often refers to Pittsburgh as “a big hug.” And despite the frigid temperatures this week, that’s exactly what I feel like I’ve gotten in the last few days.  Continue reading



Before I bought my first gardening book and before I cared about containers that have proper drainage, I knew the importance of having certain plants in the home.  Since college, every time a friend moved to a new apartment I brought them an aloe plant for their kitchen because my family always used it for burns.  I’ve also kept jade in my apartments because my mother, a former Feng Shui consultant, taught me as a child that jade plants are a symbol of abundance.  Continue reading