First crops of the year. Little yield but lots of flava.

I planted broccoli in containers back in early April.  The plants I started with were already so well-developed I thought I’d be seeing delicious stalks in no time.  But  the first buds didn’t emerge for almost three weeks.

I thought I’d get plenty of broccoli from each plant, especially if I kept trimming off the stalks.  But after my first harvesting I was disappointed to find that the second crop is not as robust.  But I’ll tell you, that first handful of fresh broccoli was awesome.  I steamed it with some shrimp and Ramen and was in noodle heaven.

Last week I asked around at my local farmer’s market to see if I could get more fresh organically grown broccoli to share with the family (since my first plant only yielded enough for one serving).  But I was told that it would either be available in the Fall when the weather cools again, or some of the farmers just said they don’t bother with it at all.  The plants take up a lot of space and don’t yield as much as lettuce or greens.

I did find one farmer who’s supposed to have broccoli tomorrow and I have one more plant yet to be harvested at home. Next up after broccoli, collard and nasturtium, with tomatoes and peppers well on their way!


~As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m working as a production assistant for a new PBS gardening and sustainability show called “Growing a Greener World.”  The first episodes can be viewed anytime at check it out and let me know what you think!

~In addition to the PBS show, I’ve also blogged weekly for Philadelphia Green, the community revitalization arm of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. View the first entry here and learn a little more about being a PHS certified Tree Tender!


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