Helping to Grow a Greener World

In light of my last posting I must say, the power of hope and positive thinking really came through.  Since the Philadelphia International Flower Show, I’ve been communicating with TV garden show host and author, Joe Lamp’l.  He has a new show premiering on PBS in May called Growing a Greener World.  And I’m excited to report that I’ll be the new GGW Production Assistant.

Joe Lamp'l taping the first episode of Growing a Greener World at Greensgrow farm in Philly

GGW is a show about more than just gardening.  Joe goes around the country interviewing interesting people who inspire communities to be more sustainable.   There are people who rent out bee houses and teach home bee keeping. So renters can produce their own honey in their backyard, and at the same time they’re helping the dwindling bee population. 

Also featured , the Edible Schoolyard in Berkley California, inspiring kids to garden and eat right. And in his first episode he’ll visit Greensgrow Farm in North Philadelphia. It’s an urban farm that feeds the local community and local restaurants.

On top of the great garden related segments, each episode will include a cooking segment with Chef Nathan Lyon, showing viewers different ways to cook the plants they grow.

This is exactly the kind of work I’ve been looking for, gardening, producing, interviewing and talking about sustainability! Check your local listings to see what channel it will be on.  The show premieres on May 15.


One thought on “Helping to Grow a Greener World

  1. Heather,

    We are so glad to have found YOU! As the Associate Producer of the show, I can officially say that YOU ROCK as a production assistant. Welcome to the GGW team and thanks for coming on board. It will be fun working with you on this show!

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