Snow day! Having a cat is great, having good neighbors is even better.

First off, to my friends in NYC who apparently saw only a dusting of snow in the last day, I’m both amazed at the difference and totally envious.  Usually the weather in PA is not far off from the NY metro area.  But believe me when I say my area to the south-west of Philadelphia had snow up to my upper thighs and hips!

I woke up Saturday with no plan to even set foot outside until Sunday.  I made breakfast and watched the Magnificent Seven on TMC (it’s very well done for an old western/Japanese knock-off).  Later I planned to start growing my tomato seeds. But when the snow stopped around 1pm I couldn’t help but notice all the neighbors starting to shovel.  I even saw the people next door trying to drive their jeep through the snow to flatten and/or disperse some of the heavy powder.  The jeep revved and sputtered, really tearing through that snow.

As I sat in my pajama pants and t-shirt I thought about how hard everyone was working and it occurred to me that if I waited until Sunday to shovel I might wind up exerting even more energy than them because the surface of the snow could ice over.  So after the movie I dragged myself upstairs and pulled on some layers of clothes.  I strapped my feet into a pair of ultra ugly but functional snow boots. I popped on my mp3 player and went to work.

Outside, my next-door neighbors, a married couple around my age, were finishing their jeep plowing and had started to shovel the snow that remained on the driveway. I said hello, they said hello and we went to work with our mp3 players on.  But once they got to the bottom of their driveway, the wife stepped over to my side and started digging up my drive.  I said, “You really don’t have to do that.” She said she knows but it’s okay, and kept digging up the drive as I dug down.

Her husband finished their driveway with some ice melter, then let the dog out to poop. After that, he joined his wife in helping to shovel my driveway. I was so grateful and told them so but they had their mp3 players on and they just nodded at me.  By the time the loose snow was done the sun was setting.  If I had been alone shoveling I never would have finished by dark.   I thanked them when they finished then I tried scrapping up the last layer of smooshed ice and snow.  I considered running to the store to get ice melt (the one thing I forgot to get the day before) but my mom suggested the extra gallon of kitty litter in the basement.  I sprinkled it all over the driveway and I’ll see in the morning how well it works.  It’s a good thing I went to Petco last week.

I finally got to start my tomatoes after dinner, while watching the Temple Grandin movie on HBO.  The tomatoes and other veggies won’t be ready for months but I won’t soon forget my neighbor’s kindness.  They’re definitely getting first pick of the crops and I hope they’ll enjoy the Philadelphia Flower Show tickets I think I’ll leave in their front door.


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