How’s it growing? Long time no seed.

It’s been a while since I last posted and I want to start doing it more regularly because I’m constantly learning new things about the stuff I’m growing and I think I should have some record of whatever the heck I’m doing.  For this post I’ll say,the succulents are slowly struggling back to life after the events described in the last post

I like to try to find a lesson or at least a bit of serendipity in every mistake I make and I guess my recent outlook on gardening would be that bit of serendipity.  I had two thriving strawberry pots brimming with succulents that are now in shambles.  I’ve pulled out most of the ones that have started to grow back and transplanted them to more hospitable containers.  Which means I’m left with strawberry pots filled with soil.  So I started thinking today, “Why don’t I use them to grow what’s meant to grow in them? Strawberries!” Then I thought of the other edible stuff that would probably do well in that sort of habitat, herbs especially. 

Lately I’ve been trying to stop being so consumer driven when it comes to my free time. I still over eat and quitting has been driving me nuts.  But I make clocks when I have the money for parts, I draw, I run, I’ve even tried teaching myself to knit (although it’s getting frustrating trying to learn to knit from a book with only a few black and white photos).  In general, I’ve gotten more creative in the past year and developed myself from wanting to make “stuff” to trying to make useful things like food.  I saved tomato and pepper seeds from the summer that I want to try growing in a homemade earth box on the back deck since there’s not much room in the yard. I also have spinach, lettuce, and nasturtium that I hope to grow in one of those deck railing planter boxes. 

Last year I was starting to get my footing as a gardener.  The succulents were lovely and pretty easy to keep outside.  They’ll come back I’m sure. But now I really want to test my skills.  I want beauty and I want function!


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