Succulent Love

Succulents are my obsession these days.  Especially since the weather has gotten cooler and the outdoor flower beds are as full as can be.  I love succulents because they have not always loved me in return.  For over a year I had about four cactuses and one jade on a windowsill in my Brooklyn apartment.  I bought the cacti because they looked like they would grow tall (they were kind of phallic shaped) and I didn’t want my adopted cat to jump on the windowsill.  She somehow managed to snake her way around them and jump up there anyway but I kept the cacti regardless.  Miss kitty has since gone on to new foster parents (too much reckless urination.)

I quickly found that the jade and cacti were easy to keep alive but it was not easy to get them to grow.  No matter how often or how little I watered them they stayed the same size.

Eventually I moved back home to Pennsylvania and put them on the windowsill in my bedroom.  The change of atmosphere and sun must have been too jarring and most of them died off accept the jade and a smaller cactus.  But since I started paying more attention to gardening I think the succulents picked up on my new found respect for plants.  The jade has taken on a deeper green and begun growing in a spiral according to the direction of the sun and the small cactus is growing new limbs. 

New succulents like the ones in the picture have come into my life as well.  Over the summer I became inspired by “found” objects like an old yellow watering can, strawberry pots and old bonsai pots. The possibilities seem endless now.  Some of my succulents grow so fast I can’t keep up with new plantings.  The red strawberry pot above has become overrun with those pearl shaped succulents since I took the picture and I’ve had to do new plantings with them.  I think I may even start selling the pots I make.  I’d just have to work out a strategy for getting new pots and making sure the plants have time to take root.  Maybe I’ll post samples someday soon!


One thought on “Succulent Love

  1. Your pots are beautiful! I have never had luck with senecio…those strings of peas! Never fails that any sort of that type of succulent will die on me! I just don't think they are suited for south Florida…maybe it is just too humid. Good luck with your pots of succulents idea…can't wait to see your pics!

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